Product Introduction:Jig is a re-election device that utilizes different sedimentation speeds of minerals in vertical alternating water flow to achieve light and heavy mineral separation.

Application:Jig is suitable for sorting metal ore, such as tungsten or gold-containing sand ore, selected tin ore, etc. It can be used for selecting fine materials or for selecting coarse materials, different types and different models. Jig, suitable for sorting diff

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Product Features

Jig stroke and punching are easy to adjust, adopt advanced frequency control technology, easy to operate and manage; large processing capacity, sorting granularity, wide range; small footprint and large processing capacity per unit area.

Working Principle

According to the theoretical stratification rule of the jigging bed, an energy-saving re-election equipment developed and improved on the basis of the traditional jig, the jigging pulsation curve has a sawtooth waveform so that the rising water flow is faster than the descending water flow; the rise time is short and decreases. The long time overcomes the defects of rising, falling water flow and the same action time generated by the sinusoidal pulsation curve jig, which enhances the looseness of the bed, relieves the inhalation effect, and makes the heavy ore particles in the mineral fully settled. Increased equipment enrichment ratio and recovery rate.

Technology Data

JT Series Sawtooth Jig
Model Stroke coefficient Stroke (mm) Jig frequency Max feeding granularity(mm) Processing capacity (T/h) Water consumption (T/h) Power (KW)
    (times / min)
JT1070/2 0.5 0-12 0-170 8 43624 5-40 2.2
JT1515/2 0.47 0-25 0-150 10 20-35 30-120 4*2
JT2020/2 0.4 0-20 0-130 10 40-60 60-180 5.5*2


Large Particle Jig
Model Sectional form Number of jigging rooms Jig area stroke Rush times Processing capacity power
AM-30 rectangle 4 2.574 0-50 0-160 10-15 3


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