Dewatering screen

Product Introduction:The dewatering screen is a fine sand and slurry dry discharge treatment equipment, which can be used in industrial sectors such as coal preparation, mineral processing, electric power, sugar production and salt production. It can carry out dry and wet gra

Application:t is mainly used for dehydration and dry discharge of various sand-containing pulps, tailings, sewage, etc., and can remove a large number of fine-grained minerals in advance and stack them.

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Product Features

1. Compact structure, which can meet the requirements of user's on-site space requirements. 2. Use polyurethane mesh for longer life. 3. After dehydration, the dry ore water content is 30-40%, which can be loaded and transported. 4. The whole screen is horizontally installed, and the screen is installed at a negative angle to ensure the forced dewatering effect.

Working Principle

The dewatering screen adopts a seat type vibration exciter or a flange type vibration exciter. The two motors are dragged in the opposite direction and rotate synchronously in the opposite direction to make the screen body reciprocate in a linear direction to achieve the purpose of dewatering.

Technology Data

Dewatering screen
Model Input size(mm) Cover surface(m²) Sieve pore(mm) Processing capacity(t/h) Double amplitude(mm) Vibration rate(Hz) Power(Kw) Weight(T)
TSS-1236 5 4.32 120mesh-0.5mm 10-25 6-8 16 2×1.5 3.59
TSS--1540 6 15-50 2×2.2 5.43
TSS--1545 6.75 20-80 2×2.2 6.1
TSS-1848 8.64 25-100 2×5.5 7.95
TSS-2060 12 50-150 2×11 11.05
TSS-3060 18 80-200 2×15 16.37


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