High field strength magnetic separator

Product Introduction:High field strength magnetic separator has high magnetic field strength, suitable for removing iron impurities in powder products of ceramics, mining, chemical, electronics and other industries, as well as separation and removal of micro-iron powder and m

Application:The main function of high field strength magnetic magnetic separator: remove impurities and improve grade. The equipment is used for the separation and removal of weak magnetic ferrous ore or slag such as lean manganese ore, poor brown iron ore, lean hema

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Product Features

1. Can be dry or water. 2. The magnetic field strength is generally between 10,000 and 16000 GS

Working Principle

After the slurry is fed into the tank by the ore tank, the ore particles enter the tank feeding area in a loose state under the action of the water flow to the mine spout. In the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic ore particles are magnetically aggregated to form a "magnet" or "magnetic flux". The "magnet" or "magnetic flux" is magnetically applied to the magnetic pole, moves toward the magnetic pole, and is adsorbed on the cylinder. . Since the polarities of the magnetic poles are alternately arranged in the direction of rotation of the cylinder, and are fixed during operation, the "magnet" or "magnetic flux" is magnetically agitated due to the alternating magnetic poles when being rotated with the cylinder, and is mixed. The non-magnetic minerals such as gangue in the "magnet" or "magnetic flux" fall off during the flipping, and the "magnet" or "magnetic lotus" that is finally attracted to the surface of the cylinder is the concentrate. The concentrate passes to the weakest point of the magnetic system at the edge of the magnetic system, and is discharged into the concentrate tank under the action of the flushing water jet discharged from the unloading water pipe. If it is a full magnetic magnetic roller, the unloading is performed by a brush roller. Non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left in the slurry with the slurry exiting the trough, which is the tailings.

Technology Data

High field strength magnetic separator
Model magnetic drum type (mm) Magnetic induction intensity (gs) capacity(t/h) Suitable  size (mm) slurry concentration(%) Power (kw)
38 series 380*1500 10000-15000 2-30 0-3 25-45 3-8
50 series 500*1500 10000-15000 2-30 0-3 25-45 3-8
60 series 600*1500 10000-15000 5-40 0-3 25-45 3-8


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