Mineral Processing

Iron ore magnetic separation

Mineral IntroductionIntroduction of iron ore: In the natural world, iron is mainly present in the form of iron oxides, sulfides, iron-containing silicates and iron-containing carbonates. At present, there are mainly the following iron mineral raw materials that have great value for the steel industry: magnetite, mirror iron ore, and limonite.

Common Mineral Processing Methods2.Common processing method: magnetic separation, flotation, combined mine selection

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Mineral Type

Deposit type: The genetic types of iron deposits can be divided into five categories: A. Iron deposits related to magmatism. B. Contact metasomatic hydrothermal deposit; C. Iron deposits related to sedimentation; D. Iron deposits related to surface weathering E. Iron deposits related to regional metamorphism

General industrial indicators

Ore Cutoff grade Industrial grade
magnetite ≧20% ≧25%
hematite ≧25% ≧28-30%
siderite ≧20% ≧25%
limonite ≧25% ≧30%
Concentrate grade (magnetite): ≧62%;


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