Centrifugal concentrator

Product Introduction:Centrifugal concentrator refers to the equipment for re-election of ore particles in the centrifugal force field, and is one of the high-efficiency re-election equipment. It is mostly used in the re-election of gold mines and is generally used for granula

Application:When the centrifuge rotates at high speed, it generates a large centrifugal force, strengthens the re-election process, and makes the fine ore particles more efficiently recovered. Its appearance successfully solves the full recovery of fine particles. Th

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Product Features

Centrifugal concentrator equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, high recovery rate, high degree of automation and long service life.

Working Principle

The drum of the centrifugal concentrator rotates at a high speed with a certain number of revolutions, and the slurry is fed into the inner wall of the drum by the ore and the ore separator through two parts. The pulp rotates at high speed with the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, heavy mineral deposits on the inner wall of the drum and rotates with the drum. The light ore in the slurry rotates with the drum at a certain speed, and is fixed during the rotation. The helix angle is rotated by the feeding end along the slope of the drum toward the discharge end, and is discharged to the end by the discharge ore separator, which is the tailings. After 3 minutes of sorting, the ore splitter will be automatically transferred to the position of the concentrate, and the ore will be stopped. After the tailings are discharged, the ore and miner will be automatically turned away from the original normal position to intercept the concentrate. Then, the high-pressure flushing water valve is automatically opened, and the high-pressure flushing water is washed down by the concentrate deposited on the inner wall of the drum. After the concentrate is washed, the high-pressure water valve is automatically closed. After the concentrate is discharged, the ore-mining device is given. The mine splitter automatically resets to start the next sorting cycle.

Technology Data

Centrifugal concentrator
Model Production capacity(t/h) Motor power(KW) Water consumption(m³/h) Overall size
L-300 3~5 2.2 3 1200×1200×1400 0.5
L-600 15~20 4 15 1700×1700×1800 1.2
L-1000 40~50 11 40 2300×2300×2300 4.5
L-1200 80~100 18.5 80 2100×2100×2700 6
L-1500 180~200 30 100 2300×2300×3200 8


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