Dosing system

Product Introduction:The dosing tank is a device that pre-dissolves and dissolves the agent in the flotation process, and quantitatively gives the agent to the flotation cell. The motor drives the impeller to rotate, so that the medicament is stirred evenly beforehand.

Application:The drug agitation tank is used for various drug preparation operations before the flotation operation.

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Product Features

Working Principle

The mixing operation is carried out by a mechanical stirring method of a flat bottom barrel-shaped radiation circulating spiral impeller. When the agitating tank is working, the motor transmission device drives the impeller to rotate, and the medicament is evenly mixed under the uniform rotation of the impeller, so as to prepare for the mixing of the slurry and the medicament in the next stage.

Technology Data

Dosing system
Model Effective volume(m3) Impeller speed(r/min) Impeller diameter(mm)   Motor model Motor power
JY-500×600 0.094 493 160 Y80L-4 0.55 120
JY-750×750 0.25 530 240 Y100L-6 1.5 230
JY-750×1000 0.35 530 240 Y100L-6 1.5 270
JY-1000×1000 0.63 530 240 Y100L-6 1.5 362
JY-1250×1250 1.15 492 310 Y100L1-4 2.2 490
JY-1500×1500 2.2 320 400 Y132S-6 3 1310
JY-2000×2000 4.4 230 550 Y132M2-6 5.5 1720


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