Mineral Processing

Chrome ore separation

Mineral Introduction1.Introduction of chrome ore: There are more than 50 kinds of chromium-containing minerals found in nature, belonging to oxides, chromates and silicates, in addition to a small number of hydroxides, iodates, nitrides and sulfides. Among them, chromium nitride and chromium sulfide minerals are only found in meteorolite. The chromium minerals with industrial value belong to the chrome spinel minerals. The chrome spinel minerals are composed of five basic components, and there are similar allomorphic substitutions between the components, so the content of each component varies greatly. Its chromium oxide content varies from 18% to 62%.

Common Mineral Processing MethodsCommon processing method: gravity separation, magnetic separation

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Mineral Type

3.Deposit type: Chrome deposits are divided into two types: primary deposits and sand deposits. Primary deposits are mostly associated with ultramafic or diabase.

General industrial indicators

Industrial indexes  
  Cutoff grade: ≧5%-8%
  Industrial grade: ≧12%
  Concentrate grade: ≧32%

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