Agitation Tank

Product Introduction:The mining agitation tank is used for slurry mixing before the flotation process, and the slurry is fully mixed with the agent to provide qualified slurry for the flotation section to create conditions for the mineral processing operation.

Application:It can be applied to various metal or non-metal ore. The material concentration is not more than 30% (calculated by quantity) and the fixed particle size is less than 1mm. Stir the material evenly to avoid sinking.

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Product Features

1. The impeller has a large diameter, and the pulp and drug mixing ability is strong; 2. The impeller has a high linear velocity, and the pulp and drug mixing ability is strong; 3. The agitation ability is enhanced, so that the pulp and drug circulation capacity is also strengthened.

Working Principle

Agitation Tank the pulp in the rotation of the impeller, the impeller is discharged from the lower end in the axial direction, an impeller chamber in a negative pressure, so that the slurry flows into the impeller chamber to be supplemented from the stirring tank above the impeller. At the same time, under the diversion of the steady flow plate, the slurry forms a vertical circulating flow in the groove downward and upward in the center. When the upflow velocity of the slurry is greater than the sedimentation velocity of the ore pellet, the ore particles in the slurry are in suspension and maintain a uniform concentration.

Technology Data

Agitation Tank
Model Inner dimensions of the tank Processing capacity Blender Motor Power Weight
Diameter Depth Effective volume Diameter Rotating speed
  (mm) (mm) (m³) (t/h) (mm) (r/min) (kw) (kg)
XB-750 750 750 0.24 0.87 240 530 1.1 550
XB-1000 1000 1000 0.63 2.26 240 530 1.5 700
XB-1200 1200 1200 1.13 4.07 400 320 3 980
XB-1500 1500 1500 2.30 8.30 400 320 4 1330
XB-2000 2000 2000 5.34 19.20 550 230 5.5 1950
XB-2500 2500 2500 10.79 38.80 650 200 11 3438
XB-3000 3000 3000 19.08 68.70 700 210 18.5 4613
XB-3500 3500 3500 30.77 110.20 850 230 22 7132


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