Mineral Processing

Phosphate ore flotation

Mineral IntroductionIntroduction of phosphate ore: Phosphate ore is composed of phosphate minerals. The main mineral is apatite. Phosphate-bearing ores with industrial value are mainly phosphorus rock, apatite and apatite; and bird manure phosphate prepare yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus, phosphoric acid and other phosphates and phosphorus compounds.

Common Mineral Processing MethodsCommon processing method: flotation

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Mineral Type

3.Deposit type: A. Biochemical sedimentary type phosphorus rock deposit. B. Weathered leaching residual phosphorus rock deposit. C. Sedimentary metamorphic limestone deposits. D. Metamorphic metasomatous type of limestone deposit. E.Alkaline, basic, ultrabasic rock endogenous apatite deposit. F. Alkaline ultrabasic rock endogenous apatite deposit.

General industrial indicators

Industrial indexes
  Cutoff grade: ≧12%
  Industrial grade: ≧15%-18%
  Concentrate grade: ≧24%

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