Linear vibrating screen

Product Introduction:DZS series multi-layer linear vibrating screen is the principle of vibration vibration excitation. Under its action, the sieve body supported on the four compression springs produces continuous linear vibration force, thus making the feed material continu

Application:It is widely used in the screening of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, metal powder and other powder materials.

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Product Features

The motor power is small; High screening efficiency and high precision; The screen angle is adjustable; The load transmitted to the base is small, and the foundation does not require special treatment; Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge; The sieve body is welded by rolled steel plate (partial body is bolted), the overall structure is rigid, firm and reliable; The screen can be made of polyurethane material and has a long service life.

Working Principle

The linear vibrating screen is driven by a double-vibration motor. When the two vibrating motors are synchronously and reversely rotated, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block cancels each other in the lateral direction, and the combined excitation force in the longitudinal direction is transmitted to the entire screen. On the surface, therefore, the movement path of the sieve machine is a straight line. The direction of the exciting force has an inclination angle with respect to the screen surface. Under the combined action of the exciting force and the self-gravity of the material, the material is thrown up and jumped forward in a linear motion on the screen surface, thereby achieving the purpose of screening and classifying the material.

Technology Data

Linear vibrating screen
Model Screening area amplitude Motor Power Speed Weight
  (m2)   (mm)  Model   (kw)   (r.p.m) (kg)
DZS0410 0.4×1.0 2~4 YZO-3-6 0.25 960 650
DZS0412 0.4×1.2 2~4 700
DZS0415 0.4×1.5 2~4 760
DZS0612 0.6×1.2 3~5 865
DZS0718 0.7×1.8 3~5 YZO-10-6 1 960 1027
DZS0815 0.8×1.5 4~6 YZO-18-6 1.1 960 1053
DZS0918 0.9×1.8 4~6 YZO-20-6 2 960 1086
DZS0922 0.9×2.2 4~6 YZO-20-6 2×1.5 960 1164
DZS1018 1.0×1.8 4~6 YZO-16-6 2×1.1 960 1215
DZS1020 1.0×2.0 YZO-16-6 2×1.1 960 1280
DZS1225 1.25×1.25 4~6 YZO-20-6 2×2 960 1326
DZS1530 1.5×3.0 4~6 YZO-36-6 2×3 960 1875
DZS21530 1.5×3.0 4~6 960 2056
DZS1536 1.5×3.6 4~6 960 1935


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