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How to reduce costs through mineral processing

Time:2019-05-08 16:30:36

First, reducing production costs is the eternal theme of business management

Like other enterprises, mining enterprises are economic organizations. The basic goal is to obtain the maximum profit and the best economic benefits in the market, and at the same time make a greater contribution to society.
The profit of a company is the difference between the gross production value and the production cost.
Profit = sales revenue - production cost (1)
The economic benefit of the enterprise is the ratio of the gross production value to the production cost.
Economic Benefit = Sales Revenue / Production Cost (2)
The production cost is the monetary performance of the resources (human, material, financial) that the enterprise has to spend on production and management activities or to achieve a certain purpose.
From the expression (1)(2), although economic benefits and profits are two different concepts, they all have a direct relationship with production costs. Costs play an extremely important role in the economic activities of enterprises. The scale is the basis for formulating the value of products, the basis for decision-making and profitability of enterprises, an important indicator that comprehensively reflects the performance of enterprises, and a comprehensive indicator for measuring the level of production management of enterprises. In short, in the case of constant product prices, lowering production costs, you can increase profits, you can improve economic efficiency, you can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, and make the development of enterprises. Therefore, reducing production costs is an eternal theme of mining enterprise management.

Second, the beneficiation test can effectively reduce the cost of mining enterprises

In order to reduce the production cost of mining enterprises, first, the mineral resources are good; second, the construction investment costs are small; and the third production costs, that is, the human, material, and financial resources are low.
The purpose, task and content of the ore dressing test are the scientific experimental activities carried out around the above three points. The test results of each stage have significant economic effects on prospecting, prospecting, design, construction and production.
(1) The role and economic value of ore dressing test in prospecting and prospecting work
Mineral resources are the most important resources that can provide enterprises with future economic benefits, and are the lifeline for the survival and development of mining enterprises. To improve economic efficiency and reduce costs, we must first have a good mineral resource. This is necessary to do a good job in prospecting. To do a good job in prospecting, we must rely on mineral processing tests to analyze the composition of minerals to evaluate the mineral resources in mineral processing. Is it possible, and whether it is economically reasonable. To determine the cut-off grade and the lowest industrial grade, and prepare a final reserve report accordingly. Therefore, the beneficiation test has an extremely important guiding role for the smooth progress of prospecting and prospecting work.
(II) The effect of beneficiation test on the reduction of ore dressing design and construction investment cost
The quality of design quality of a mine in the initial stage of construction is directly related to the cost of construction investment and the production cost after production. It is very important to design well. However, the premise of designing well is to do a good job of ore dressing test. The ore dressing test can provide the following necessary raw materials for the design work: First, the nature of the ore. Including the material composition of the ore and the physical and chemical properties of the ore and its constituent minerals, which is the original basis for the designer to determine the equipment for the beneficiation method selection; the second is to recommend the beneficiation plan for the design, including the beneficiation method, the process and equipment type, and the recommended process for the test report. The number of sorting segments is specified, the grinding fineness, the grading range, and the number of operations for the designer to determine the optimal plan; the third is that the beneficiation test can provide the final beneficiation index for the design and the raw data related to the process calculation, such as the mass The flow chart; the fourth is to provide data related to the production capacity of the computing equipment such as grindability, flotation time, settling speed, equipment unit load. Fifth, the beneficiation test can also provide data related to the calculation of hydropower, materials, consumption, etc. for the design. Such as slurry concentration, additional water, flotation agent dosage, roasting fuel consumption, etc.; sixth, the ore dressing test can also provide product performance for design, including physical properties such as concentrate, medium ore, tailings material composition and particle size specific gravity. The data is used as a basis for considering the next processing (such as smelting) methods and tailings storage.
In summary, the beneficiation test is the basis and basis of the design. Without the beneficiation test, the design cannot be carried out. Blind design may cause great waste and bring great trouble to the production, so in order to achieve less input and more output. To reduce production costs, it is necessary to do a good mining experiment.
(III) The effect and benefit of the ore dressing test on the production process
Different mines have different ore properties, and the selection method is very different. Especially for low-grade refractory ore, in order to obtain the best technical indicators and economic benefits, it is necessary to determine the best process flow and operating conditions through the beneficiation test.
This work will play a decisive role in the full utilization of mineral resources and economic benefits after the project is put into operation. For example, a gold concentrator with a daily processing capacity of 1,000 tons and a grade of 5 g/ton will be taken as an example. If the recovery rate can be increased by 2%, then It produces 100 grams of gold per day, and creates 20,000 benefits. It creates a net profit of 6 million per year. This is a scientific and technological benefit that does not require more consumption of resources and costs.
In summary, the beneficiation test has an extremely important role in prospecting, prospecting, design, ore-forming, and normal production. The ore dressing test can effectively reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

Third, how to do a good dressing test

Since the ore dressing test is extremely important, the mining company must entrust a qualified technical department to do this work conscientiously. It is necessary to do this work well and do the following for the enterprise:
(1) The leaders of mining enterprises should fully recognize the important role of the beneficiation test, and must invest a certain amount of funds and manpower to do the job well. This is a work that has been riddled with two thousand pounds.
(2) The sample shall be sampled according to the requirements of the test, and the sample shall be representative. The nature of the sample is basically the same as that of the ore body studied.
(3) The sampling plan should conform to the actual situation at the time of mine production.
(4) The weight of the sample shall be in accordance with the minimum test weight determined by the test protocol.
(5) To present clear test questions, tasks and requirements.
After the enterprise has done the above work, the test plan and plan will be completed by the technical part of the test, and then the beneficiation test will be completed according to the plan.
In short, the mineral processing test is extremely important for the economic benefits of mining enterprises. The enterprises and the technical departments that undertake the mineral processing tests should work together to carry out the mineral processing experiments with serious and responsible quality, and transform the scientific and technological achievements into the economic benefits of the enterprises. The development of the take-off plays a huge role.