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How to enhance work efficiency of lime ball mill

Time:2021-01-15 11:22:46

At present, our country attaches great importance to environmental protection. Nowadays, environmental pollution has caused too much trouble to mankind. Therefore, energy conservation and low carbon have become the development direction of every enterprise. The dust removal work of the energy-saving lime ball mill is an important item in the daily maintenance of the lime ball mill. Therefore, the dust prevention and dust removal work of the mining equipment determines the degree of pollution to the environment. The seven major differences between the counterattack and the hammer are compared and analyzed. Therefore, the mine The installation of dust removal equipment is very important.  

When the lime ball mill is drilling rock, a large amount of dust is discharged from the rock hole, causing environmental pollution, seriously threatening human health, and reducing the service life of the machine. For lime ball mill, effective dust removal and dust prevention facilities must be adopted. As far as dust removal is concerned, it can be divided into three types of dry dust removal. The dust discharged from the borehole is used for dry separation and dust collection using dust hoods, settling box cyclones and pulse cloth bags. This method is more suitable for low temperature and water shortage areas.

In wet dust removal, a certain amount of water is added to compressed air. The lime ball mill manufacturer uses a mixture of air and water for wet rock drilling, and the rock dust is moistened in the hole. The effect of wet dust removal is ideal, but it has an adverse effect on the drilling efficiency, and when it is used in low temperature areas in winter, special anti-freezing measures should be taken. As one of the mill equipment, the ball mill equipment must take preventive measures in terms of dust removal and dust prevention. Otherwise, when the lime ball mill equipment is put into production, a large amount of dust will be sent to cause environmental pollution, so the dust removal and dust prevention facilities of the ball mill equipment must be prepared it is good.

The lime ball mill equipment is equipped with a cyclone dust collector. The cyclone dust collector is very important to us. There are many problems in the process of using the ball mill. It can quickly deal with the dust of our ball mill equipment and enhance the life of our ball mill equipment. Our output has increased, and the efficiency of our lime ball mill has also been improved. We hope that all of us will pay more attention to these contents during the use process, and finally complete our ultimate goal.

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