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Factors Which Affecting the Price of Magnetic Separator

Time:2020-06-24 10:13:56

The high-strength magnetic separator has ultra-high magnetic field strength, which is suitable for removing iron impurities in powder products in ceramics, mining, chemical industry, electronics and other industries, as well as the separation and removal of fine iron powder and magnetic substances. The equipment can not only sort hematite, but also use a wide range of siderite, pyrite, magnetite, limonite, etc.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator is an important ore dressing equipment in the beneficiation production line, and its value in the market is relatively high. So, how much does hematite magnetic separator cost? Which one is cheaper? Hematite magnetic separator price The price of a hematite magnetic separator on the market is high or low, mainly because of two points:

First, manufacturers, equipment produced by different manufacturers cost different materials, and prices to customers are also different, and also consider the location of the manufacturer, consumption status, labor costs, electricity costs, etc.

Second, the equipment model. The following are the technical parameters of the magnetic separator. The materials, technology, and output of each different model of equipment are different, and the price of the equipment is also different.