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Can Ball Mill Be Used in Glass Powder Grinding?

Time:2020-04-26 13:30:01

Glass is a relatively fragile item in daily production and life. Once scrapped, it needs to be ground and crushed with some special tools to be reborn. Ball mill is the main equipment for fine crushing after materials are crushed. Can it grind glass powder? How much money do you need to invest in the early stage? The relevant answers are as follows:

I want to ask if the ball mill can grind glass powder? The answer is definitely yes, but it should be reminded that not all ball mills can be used for glass powder, and not all glass can be powdered.
ball mill
1. The glass powder or the raw material powder for manufacturing glass has high requirements for the iron content inside, so when selecting the ball mill equipment, you must choose the ball mill with the lining of high aluminum brick or ceramic liner;

2. For some glass products with large fibers, the ball mill is slightly not particularly suitable. It is recommended to use manual grinding or air jet grinding. Therefore, it is recommended that customers must ask the merchant when choosing the ball mill equipment for glass powder, choose a grinding method that is more suitable for their own production.