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Flotation Separator Machine Structure Device

Time:2019-12-20 08:56:36

The flotation separator machine is mainly composed of slurry receiving tank, stirring device, aeration device, device for discharging mineralized bubbles, and motor.

1. Grouting trough: It has a slurry inlet and a gate device to adjust the slurry surface. It is mainly composed of a tank body welded with steel plates and a gate welded from steel plates and round steel.

2. Stirring device: it is used to stir the ore slurry to prevent the ore sand from settling in the tank. It consists of a pulley, an impeller, a vertical shaft, etc. The impeller is made of wear-resistant rubber.

3. Inflating device: It consists of a duct air inlet pipe. When the impeller rotates, a negative pressure is generated in the impeller cavity. The air is sucked through the hollow pump tube and dispersed in the slurry to form a bubble group. This slurry with a large number of bubbles It is quickly thrown to the stator by the rotating force of the impeller, which further refines the air bubbles in the pulp and eliminates the rotary motion of the pulp flow in the flotation tank, causing a large number of vertically rising microbubbles, providing the necessary for the flotation process. condition.

4. Device for eliminating mineralized bubbles: It scrapes out the foam floating on the groove surface, which is mainly composed of a motor driving a reducer and a reducer driving a scraper.